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Concrete Foundation

If you are looking to build a new home in Reno, NV, there are different options for foundation materials that can save you money and help your house be more energy efficient. Concrete foundations may not be the most commonly used, but they have many benefits that make them appealing to homeowners considering their construction options from contractors.

These include savings on your heating and cooling bills, lower maintenance costs, and more excellent resale value of your home when it comes time to sell. This article will discuss how to get concrete foundation contractors in Reno, Nevada, that can help with your new home construction. 

The Best Concrete Slab Foundation Reno NV

Every residential and commercial building needs a solid foundation to stand the test of time. While there are many types of concrete foundations, companies offer concrete slabs that are among the most popular for their affordability and durability. A concrete slab on grade is created by pouring liquid concrete into a frame, which can be either wood or metal.  

This type of foundation is usually poured on-site, but it can also be delivered to the desired location as long as there’s enough room for an 18-wheeler truck. Concrete slabs come in two forms: reinforced and non-reinforced. Reinforced slabs utilize steel mesh in the concrete mix, making them stronger than traditional slabs. 

The Essence of the Commercial Concrete Foundation

The concrete foundation is an essential part of a house. This type of foundation is made from concrete, hence the name. When the foundation is not level, it can lead to serious structural issues in the house. If you live in a cold climate and experience freeze/thaw cycles can also affect your house’s foundation. At these times, water gets into cracks in your foundation and freezes. The next time it thaws out, it releases all this pressure on the walls of your home and causes them to move. This movement weakens your foundation even more and can cause significant damage to your home addition (and wallet!). 

At RNO Concrete Contractors, we also offer commercial concrete foundations for residential homes! 

A newly poured concrete slab for a house with a patio area

Foundation Choices

Deep and shallow foundations are the two main categories.  

  • Shallow foundations reach roughly three feet into the earth, and deep foundations go as far as the bedrock.  
  • Deep foundations are required when there is a risk of floods or when constructing on the slope of a hill, and they are more expensive since they need more work and resources. 

A concrete foundation is a critical aspect of any construction project.

The process for one of these foundations can be very complicated, but there are many benefits to choosing this type over other foundation types. With a concrete foundation, the walls will be able to support a much higher weight load than when using traditional foundations such as bricks or stones.  

Plus, the foundation installation process is less time-consuming and requires less labor than it would with other types of foundations. If you need help installing a concrete foundation for your home or business, contact RNO Concrete Foundation Contractor Reno, NV today!